Vote for Houston's Worst Barbecue; We'll Do the Dirty Work of Eating It

On Monday, we asked our readers to tell us where they've found the worst barbecue in Houston. Rubbery ribs, dry brisket, shriveled-up sausage: We want to know where the truly bad stuff is, so as to better highlight the good.

We also wanted to know what Houstonians thought of as bad 'cue: Is it drenched in sauce? Is it too smoky? Not smoky enough? Too heavy on the fat? Too lean?

And we wanted the chance to explore what is typically thought of as "bad" barbecue to find out if it's indeed legitimately bad and without redemption...or simply misunderstood.

You gave us a huge list of barbecue offenders, and now it's time to narrow those choices down. After the jump, vote on the restaurant you think deserves a caning for its 'cue. A panel of barbecue judges will then try the final five -- the bottom of the barbecue barrel -- next week and make a final determination as to what is truly Houston's worst BBQ.


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