W Burger

The burger at the W Grill has a lot going for it. The half-pound Angus beef patty is nicely grilled and fairly juicy. There's a choice of white or whole wheat buns. The whole wheat bun I tried was dense and moist, though not very well toasted. There is nothing wrong with the lettuce, tomato, onion and pickles, but the whole sandwich is delivered in the deconstructed state so you have to put it together yourself. And that wouldn't have worked out very well, because there wasn't any mustard or mayonnaise provided. Luckily, I was taking the burger home, so I could remedy that defect with mustard and mayo from my own fridge. But when you are charging $7 for a burger, your customers shouldn't have to ask for sandwich spreads.

The W Grill is located in the space formerly occupied by Bright & Early Coffee on Washington Avenue. There are lots of breakfast items, and some of them, like the omelet in a cup, appear to be holdovers from the previous establishment. Maybe the folks who ran the coffee stand just expanded the menu and changed the name? The drive-though restaurant now offers Philly cheesesteaks, a Mexican club sandwich, a turkey wrap and a fried shrimp basket along with the breakfast fare. There are a couple of picnic tables if you want to eat on the premises.

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Robb Walsh
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