W Grill: A New Way to Take Away

Woven among the high-end new restaurants (and glitter-n-glitz bars) on Washington Avenue is the W Grill, a teensy to-go restaurant offering an eclectic mix of foods. While the indoor area has space for the walk-up counter only, there's a small outdoor deck that's dotted with picnic tables, which means your to-go order doesn't actually have to go very far.

For starters, you might want to try a cup of Duncan Coffee. There's a semi-extensive java menu, thanks to the owner's background in and love of the coveted bean. We suggest you stick to the basics, though -- like lattes and au lait -- and avoid the sickly bittersweet Vietnamese coffee, which seems a little out of place anyway. Breakfast items (like tacos, "omelets in a cup," and smoothies) are fine, but the real winners are lunch and dinner.

As Robb Walsh has mentioned before, the classic burger is a two-hander, a plump patty with fresh toppings and generous accoutrements: mushrooms, avocado, bacon and more. Or you might try the jalapeño burger, large and juicy, with bits of jalapeño mixed right into the patty to give it a slight kick.

Our running favorite is the salmon BLT; while the grilled salmon is a bit on the dry side, the sandwich is well served by the fresh bread, a light dusting of sweet sauce, and thick applewood-smoked bacon. Finally, the spinach salad is a passable way to stay healthy in an area overwrought with heaviness.

The W Grill isn't going to blow you away with its culinary genius, but it's a respectable midrange dinner option for the taking. Service is fast and friendly, the menu is varied, and the prices are reasonable.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.