Walking in a Gingerbread Wonderland

If it didn't feel like Christmastime yet on Tuesday night with a slight chill in the air, the sight that greeted us as we walked into Voice put us right in the holiday mood: delicately and immaculately designed gingerbread houses all in a row, next to a glimmering Christmas tree. But these weren't just any gingerbread houses -- these were gingerbread dog houses, complete with candy bones and fondant pups.

It was all part of the 2nd Annual Christmas Tail, a charity fundraiser conceived by Chef Michael Kramer to benefit Lucky Dog Rescue. For a donation of $25, guests enjoyed free cocktails and bites from the restaurant while bidding on their favorite dog houses, which were crafted by some of Houston's best pastry chefs -- both professional and amateur -- like Rebecca Masson of Shade and the team at La Toretta del Lago. Proceeds from the auction went to Lucky Dog, while the dog houses went home with the highest bidder  at the end of the night.

A panel of judges, including John DeMers -- author and host of Delicious Mischief -- and me, chose their favorite gingerbread houses from among the batch. Photos of the winners are below the jump.

Third place went to Angela Krampitz, an amateur pastry chef, for her Snoopy Dog House.

Second place went to the Houstonian for their enormous, gabled dog house (not pictured).

And first place went to Rebecca Masson and Shade for Scooby Doo and the Mystery Machine.

For more photos from the night, see our slideshow.

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Katharine Shilcutt