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Warm Weather Drinking: 5 Beer Styles to Cool You Off

1. Vienna Lager:

A crisp, lighter style with no oppressive flavors. There are just enough hops to keep your palate awake, rounded out with a slightly malty sweetness. As the beer lost favor in its country of origin, Austrian brewers enjoying the warmer climate down Mexico way revived the style when they emigrated to the country in the late 1800s.

2. Lambics:

If you like fruit, this is your beer. Sometimes sweet, sometimes tart, these Belgian beers are spontaneously fermented with wild yeast. Common fruits used to brew this beer include peaches, currants, raspberries and cherries.

3. Hefeweizen:

An unfiltered wheat beer that usually contains notes of bubblegum and banana. Although heavy on the wheat and yeast characteristics, the smooth, creamy-like mouthfeel and lower alcohol content make it a great candidate for your backyard barbecue.

4. Witbier:

Also known as white beer, because of the cloudy appearance, witbier is an unfiltered Belgian style wheat beer. The citrusy notes come from the orange peel used in the brewing process along with coriander and various other spices.

5. Sours:

Exactly what it sounds like. A style that is on the upswing among American craft breweries, these ales are usually a version of the above described lambics. Made mostly with fruit, the vinegar-like pucker punch can be refreshing, if you've acquired a taste for this uniquely tart beverage.

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