Bar Beat

Washington Ave. Drinkery's Wad Shooter

If I may, let me try to describe the scene I witnessed when I walked into the Washington Ave. Drinkery (4115 Washington Ave., 713-426-3617) on a recent Friday night: A girl was doing some sort of rodeo cowboy move on the dance floor; there was double P.D.A. happening at the bar; and everyone was singing along to "Bust a Move." It was 10 p.m. I guess that's how they do things at the Drunkery.

I sidled up to the bar next to an autographed John Holmes movie poster and asked about drink specials. The overworked waitress explained the makings of a shot called the Wad Shooter. It sounded awful, so I ordered two and a beer and sat back to take in more of my surroundings. I counted only one Affliction T-shirt and zero popped collars, which was a refreshing change here in Houston's new "party corridor."

The pseudo-clever drink-related quotations painted on the walls gave me some reading material while I waited for my friends to meet me. By the time they arrived, the woo-girl quotient had doubled, AC/DC's hard-rockin' single entendres had supplanted the suggestive stylings of Young MC and the bar was in full weekend tumult.

1 ounce Newport Amaretto liqueur

1 ounce Charro triple sec liqueur

1 ounce pineapple juice

Combine all ingredients in a shaker and strain into a shot glass. Don't blow it.

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W. Healy