Weekend Reminder: Don't Leave Your Kids Behind at Chuck E. Cheese

Just two days after a Maryland family left their three-year-old daughter behind at Chuck E. Cheese by accident -- and were only alerted after seeing her picture on the 11 p.m. news that night -- Texas has one-upped the Old Line State.

KTRK reported this afternoon that a five-year-old girl was left behind at a Pearland area Chuck E. Cheese last night. To make matters worse, it was the little girl's own birthday celebration:

Officials say the mother has a total of 10 children. Those kids were among 19 attending the girl's birthday party. The mother apparently woke up at about 7 a.m. today to get the kids ready for school and realized the five-year-old was missing. At that point the girl's mother called 911.

Unlike the Maryland case, the Pearland child has not yet been returned to the mother's custody.

Ten fingers, ten kids -- counting them can't be that difficult. This isn't Home Alone; being left alone with a man in a Chuck E. Cheese costume will be a far more terrifying experience for your kids than fighting off Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern. Take it from a kid whose own parents forgot her at Camp Misty Meadows one year.

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