Wendy's New French Fries

If it ain't broke, then why fix it? A tired phrase, to be sure, but it all I could think about as I ventured to a local Wendy's the other day to sample the new French fries. As the ads have tirelessly told us, they are fresh-cut with skin and use sea salt instead of that crappy salt salt.

Not that I ate them that much, but I always kinda liked the previous version of the Wendy's fry. They were a little thicker than the usual shoestring but weren't a plump as the regular cut. They were sometimes crispy and sometime slightly mushy, which was fine with me. I guess the ad wizards that run the Wendy's empire thought they needed to change things. One wonders what Dave Thomas would say.

I have to admit, the new ones are pretty damn good though. I got them to-go but opened them immediately so as to give the best and freshest take possible. This time all the potato sticks were crispy and closer to the shoestring variety. The skin did add a little earthiness to the crunch, and they did seem a little more real. While sometimes Wendy's fries were unevenly salted in the past, the new ones were totally sodium-eriffic. Maybe these would be more like the ones our old pal Dave Thomas would have made at home.

Just in case you were about to ask, you cannot still get the old variety. Take the new one, or you'll get nothing and like it.

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Lennie Ambrose