We've Narrowed Down the Most Underrated Barbecue...Vote Now!

Well, that got ugly fast.

We're serious about our barbecue here in Houston. So serious, it seems, that the claws came out in the comment section when readers began debating the legitimacy to each other's claims of barbecue greatness. The most animosity was between fans of Baker's Ribs and The Brisket House. The owner of Baker's Ribs even had to jump in to defend his product. Carnivores can get nasty sometimes.

But now it's up to a poll. Just click on the barbecue restaurant you feel doesn't get enough credit for how great its meat is. No need to stir up a riot in the comment section. You're always welcome to, of course, but for this vote, it's not necessary.

As usual, you get one vote, and only one vote. Use it wisely, friends.

The poll will close Friday afternoon, so be sure to vote before then.

And if you have to go to all of these places and conduct a taste test before you feel comfortable voting, you have my blessing. Just make sure you drop off some barbecue here at the office for me. Thanks.

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