We've Narrowed Down the Most Underrated Breakfast...Vote Now!

You people are surprisingly passionate about breakfast.

While I usually either sleep through or skip the most important meal of the day, you're all over it, and it seems you each have specific places that you frequent for specific dishes. We got a lot of taqueria suggestions in the comments, but because there are so many taquerias in Houston and most people tend to go to ones in their own 'hoods, those suggestions were all over the place. Only two taquerias ended up on the poll, which seems like an unevenly small amount based on how breakfast taco-happy I know this city to be.

No worries, though. There are plenty of other great suggestions for underrated breakfasts in town on the poll. If your favorite is on there, tell us why in the comments. We want to know about specific dishes and what makes your go-to spot so great.

As usual, you get one vote, and only one vote. Use it wisely, friends.

The poll will close Friday afternoon, so be sure to vote before then.

Oh, and one more thing: Tel-Wink Grill is not underrated. A lot of you mentioned in the comments that it's your favorite spot for breakfast. It's awesome, and everyone is aware of that.

And I know when this is all over, I'm going to be so inspired and craving this stuff so much that I'm going to have to get up early every day and try it all. So thanks for that. And I hate you for it, too. Bring on the caffeine!

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Kaitlin Steinberg