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We've Narrowed Down the Most Underrated Fried Chicken...Vote Now!

It was sad reading some of your comments about the fried chicken at the now-closed Haven. Man was that stuff good. But, not to worry, there are plenty of more places you guys like to get your deep-fried, crispy birds. And plus, the stuff at Haven was not underrated to say the least.

Thanks for chiming in to give us your thoughts on the underrated fried chicken in Houston. A lot of you were in support of Pollo Campero and Randalls grocery store, but for the most part, your votes were all over the place. I guess that means Houston is blessed with a bounty of great fried chicken places. Seriously, who needs KFC?

Enough with the nominations and chit chat. Let's get to business and put this search for the most underrated crispy, crunchy fried chicken our city has to offer to a vote. If your favorite is listed below, tell us why you love it so much. We want to know what makes that place's fried chicken so great.

Here's your latest poll of the most underrated fried chicken in Houston.

As usual, you get one vote, and only one vote. Use it wisely.

The poll will close Friday afternoon, so be sure to vote before then.

There's definitely no shame in trying all of these places before casting your vote. After all, you have five days to get it all done. Just remember, you can share that bucket of fried chicken.

Thanks for voting, and check back next week for the results.

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Molly Dunn
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