What a Crock: Beef Short Ribs

A few days back, I was all about the pork ribs. But let us not forget the cow. Check out this as-easy-as-it-gets crock pot recipe.

The rundown If you can, I'd recommend going to a butcher you trust for some really nice beef short ribs. I love this cut of meat--it's tasty, fatty and inexpensive. At $3.99 a pound, a small rack (which should weigh about two pounds) will not only fit in your crock pot, but should feed 2-3 people quite nicely.

The taste These ribs came out so tender and flavorful, in large part due to the formation of a peppery crust. The fat along the top of each rib kept the meat moist throughout the entire cooking process. This recipe is a great example of the "less is more" concept. Just add a few simple seasonings and let the beef do its thing. When done, there will be some gristle remaining, but just pick it away and enjoy the fall-off-the-bone meat.

The ease Mark it down--you will never, ever find an easier crock pot recipe. Just separate the slab into individual ribs, generously add salt, pepper, and garlic powder. Place in the crock pot on High for three hours or Low for 7-8 hours. I'd recommend slow and low. Take out and enjoy. That's right, nothing else. No other spices, no onions, no water, nothing! It's hard to believe, but true.

The tip I ended up taking the rib meat and adding it to some spaghetti sauce. Remember, just because it's a rib doesn't mean you have to gnaw on a bone. Some people hate this. Just separate the meat with your hands and add to another dish.

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