What a Crock: Colonial Hot Buttered Rum

The rundown This week's recipe is perfect for the holidays. It's also a great example of why a crock pot shouldn't be limited to main-course dishes or even desserts. There's nothing quite like a vat of stewing liquid to warm the soul--and the Colonial Hot Buttered Rum is sure to be a crowd pleaser, especially during this festive time of year.

The taste It's got it all--sweet, spicy, buttery and creamy. The grated nutmeg is an absolute essential to this hot toddy. It rests on top of the whipped cream and immediately wafts into your nostrils upon consumption. This holiday smell would make The Grinch want to start buying presents. The rum is smooth. You'll know it's there, but it hits the taste buds just right. The warmness of the liquid and coolness of the whipped topping create the perfectly tempered drink. There's really nothing not to like about hot buttered rum. Even if you're-lactose intolerant, just leave out the cream and drink straight.

The ease Let's say you're a moron, or you hate to cook, or you're a moron who hates to cook. But you want to contribute to the party. Bingo! This crock pot hot buttered rum is right up your alley. Make a tub of this liquid gold and easily become the talk of your family. Your brother-in-law neurosurgeon doesn't have anything on you. Just follow these easy steps. First, dump two cups of brown sugar in the pot, along with eight cups of hot water, a few cinnamon sticks, some cloves, a little salt, and a stick of butter. Let warm for about five hours on a low setting. Add two cups of rum. Next, stir and serve in a mug. Finally, top with some whipped cream and some freshly grated nutmeg.

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Kevin Shalin
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