What a Crock: Marinated Mushrooms

I love mushrooms. This, my friends, is a darn good mushroom recipe.

The rundown I look for any excuse possible to work mushrooms into my culinary mix. What makes this recipe so special is its versatility--serve these warm, cold, over steak, on top of burgers--it really doesn't matter.

The taste These marinated mushrooms are sweet and tangy. I used one package each of white button and baby Portobello mushrooms, which provided slightly different textures. This was my first time using tarragon vinegar in my cooking. Maybe I lack a refined palate, but I really couldn't tell a difference between this and regular vinegar. The packet of dry Italian salad dressing provided the flavor base for this marinade.

The ease Once you click on the link, you'll notice this isn't a crock pot recipe. No worries, I just made it one. Here's how. Add the butter, garlic, oil, water, Italian dressing packet, vinegar, hot pepper sauce, and sugar to a small pot. Bring mixture to boil. Add the mushrooms to the crock pot and top with the mixture. Give everything a good stir, cover, and let cook on Low for 4-5 hours. Place in the refrigerator for a few hours or serve immediately. Either way, you'll be happy.

The tip This only needs about three hours of cook time. But feel free to let the mushrooms sit in the crock pot for up to eight hours. The longer, the better.

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