What a Crock: Steel-Cut Oatmeal

Several weeks back, this article got me thinking about oatmeal, and specifically, whether I could find a good steel-cut recipe that utilized the crock pot. Well, I did.

The rundown Are you usually in a rush in the morning? Got kids? Crock pot oatmeal is perfect for feeding you and your family a healthy breakfast--with no fuss. Why? All the fuss (which isn't much) takes place the night before. Just get everything together, set the crock pot, and you've got breakfast waiting for you in the morning.

The taste I love steel-cut oatmeal, and this eight-hour, slow cooker version is pretty damn good. The finished product turned out a little gummier than I like, but it still was very tasty and the oats kept their steel-cut bite. The raisins, along with a small amount of added brown sugar, provide the perfect sweetness to this breakfast.

The ease Even by crock pot standards, steel-cut oatmeal is about as easy as it gets. Just dump five ingredients in the pot, set on low for six-eight hours, wake up, and eat. You may want to add a little milk and/or brown sugar once you transfer the oatmeal to a separate bowl.

The tips The oatmeal will crust up on the sides of the crock pot. No worries, just scrape the sides a bit, and be sure to soak your pot for an hour or two. It's almost impossible to clean immediately.

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Kevin Shalin
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