What Can You Tell About a Person by Their Fridge?

Earlier this week, I send out a request to friends, family, coworkers and acquaintances: Let me see your fridge, in all its organized or crusty glory. The response was overwhelming. I had photos of fridge contents sent to me from chefs and cubicle-dwellers alike, from California to New York, from families and singletons.

Contents of people's refrigerators obviously reflect their daily lifestyle -- and sometimes their career -- as easily as you'd expect: That shelf filled with Slim-Fast and that crisper filled with fresh fruit? The curator of that fridge is likely hoping to shed some pounds. That door packed with Gogurt and Sunny D? The curator of that fridge has a kid or two running around. But a fridge can also be a poignant portrait of a person's aspirations and hopes. A bottle of wine or two tucked away, waiting for a guest. A misshapen ball of pie dough, reflecting an aborted attempt at learning how to bake.

None of these scenes were in any of the photos I received, but that doesn't mean they don't exist in fridges across America. And the still-lives in the photos I was sent were just as fascinating in their own ways. It's equally interesting to watch patterns emerge: La Croix water is becoming a staple in many fridges, while nearly every fridge has at least one bottle of yellow mustard lurking on the shelves.

So how much can you tell about a person by their refrigerator? That's the question I have for you. Can you guess the gender (and the age, if you want a real challenge) of the curator of each refrigerator on the following pages? It's more difficult than you think.

Leave your best guess for the gender each of the 18 refrigerator "curators" in the comments section below. Keep in mind that while a refrigerator may serve an entire family or a pair of roommates, one of those people is the primary curator responsible for the upkeep of the fridge and the restocking of its contents. Make sure you also leave your email address, as well, since there will be fabulous prizes for the person to get the most correct guesses.

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