What Do You Do When It's Too Hot to Cook?

As Houston's summer weather goes, this last week of June isn't too terrible. Low humidity, highs under 100 degrees. But looking ahead to the rest of an increasingly humid, increasingly hot summer gets more like looking down an endless gravel highway, shimmering and waving in the brutal heat. It just ain't pretty.

In this, my thirtieth Houston summer, it's becoming increasingly difficult to motivate myself to cook in the evenings. Even with the A/C cranked down, the oven and the stove heat up my small apartment to the same temperatures outside.

Instead, I increasingly find myself eating fruit, cheese and crackers, or salads -- even salads in the roughest sense of the word, as in "Here are a bunch of cold things I found in my refrigerator and will now toss in a bowl with vinegar."

Interested in how our readers cope with the warm weather, I took to the Internet to crowdsource for answers.

"I generally nibble on things like Greek yogurt, berries and almonds," says Jody Stevens, local baker and owner of Jodycakes. "Who wants heavy, hot stuff on 100-plus degree days?"

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Katharine Shilcutt