What The Hell is That? Thanksgiving Edition

New York artist Danielle Spencer (a.k.a. Mrs. Russell Crowe) crafted her first faux Thanksgiving spread in 2005 using a Cornish game hen form, peach Jell-O, and evaporated milk. That initial flesh-colored mass (atop a bed of pomegranate seeds) would inspire the Turkey-shaped Jell-O Mold Competition, an annual event showcasing various artist interpretations of the holiday. All entries must be crafted entirely of food and utilize the original turkey mold. Check out our top 10 overall, featured below.

10. Smoreky (2008) Self explanatory.

9. Mountain Dew Turkey (2007) A timeless trailer-park classic.

8. Guac-a-Bird (2007) David Byrne (yes, that guy from the Talking Heads) used avocado gelatin to achieve the unsettling jaundiced hue.

7. Turkey Alla Vodka (2009) Thanksgiving meets Spring Break.

6. Bubby's Matzoh Turkey (2008) Oy vey.

5. That's No Turkey (2009) Melissa Jaffe A very Vegan Thanksgiving. Jaffe's bird-shaped brownie contains no dairy or animal products of any kind.

4. Meta-Turkey (2008) Elio and Marina B. An entire Thanksgiving meal encased in turkey skin (gag) and molded into the shape of a turkey.

3. Mac N' Cheese Turkey (2007) The first time we've ever been turned off by macaroni and cheese.

2. Chewing Gum Turkey (2008) Adam, Jess, & Friends Hard to stare at for very long without getting queasy.

1. Turkey Burger (2009) A Thanksgiving twist on an American standard.

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