What Will Be Robb Walsh's No. 1 Dish in Houston?

Since Robb Walsh first started his list of Houston's 100 Best Dishes in February with green chile chicken kebabs from Chatkhara Grill (pictured above), people have been buzzing about what the much-anticipated No. 1 dish will ultimately be.

The long wait will be over tomorrow, when Walsh announces his top pick from the nearly 6,000 restaurants in the greater Houston area. Discussions have already sprung up on Twitter and Facebook with guesses as to the pivotal dish: Which food could possibly be both the most delicious and the most evocative of the city's Gulf Coast cuisine? Will it even be evocative of Gulf Coast cuisine, or will it take the city's multi-ethnic landscape into consideration instead? Will it be something old-school? Something modern? Something high-end and indulgent? Something low-key and cheap? Something that none of us could possibly expect?

Although off-track betting may be taking place in other, more shadowy areas of the Internet, we here at Eating Our Words have a more above-board proposition for our readers. The first person to correctly guess Robb Walsh's top dish -- which will be announced here on the blog tomorrow -- will win a $100 gift certificate to one of Houston's many unique culinary treasures: Kolache Factory.

Submit your guess in the comments section below. Please leave only one guess; multiple guesses won't be counted. Be sure to leave your correct email address, so that we can properly notify you if you win. Good luck and happy guessing.

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