What Would You Ask Anthony Bourdain?

Right around this time next week, we'll be having the ultimate Chef Chat with none other than everyone's favorite culinary iconoclast: Anthony Bourdain.

On September 20, Jones Hall and the Society for the Performing Arts is hosting Bourdain as he comes to Houston for a one-night-only speaking engagement, Up Close and Confidential. Think of it as three episodes of No Reservations back to back, with a Q&A session thrown in for good measure. You can't stream that on Netflix! Tickets for the engagement start at $25 and run all the way to $65 for the good (read: orchestra) seats. We're not saying you'll be able to smell Bourdain from there, but that's probably because the man stopped smoking.

Of course, if you aren't going to shell out the money to see him live, you can do the next best thing here at Eating Our Words. We're taking suggestions for questions that you, our readers, want asked of Tony Bourdain -- and no questions about where he would buy coke in Houston. That's boring and played out. Just don't.

So let's hear it: Is there anything you've been dying to know about Bourdain? An elusive question that no other interview has answered for you? Or do you simply want to know why he hates vegetarians and Bobby Flay so much? We'll choose three reader questions for our interview with Bourdain next week, so let us have it.

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