What's Cooking on Pinterest? Creamy Avocado Yogurt Dip

Avocado is a fruit that can find its way into any and every dish. In the past week, we've shown you how to make an avocado milkshake and we've told you about our number 40 favorite dish, a fried avocado taco.

This week, I made a twist on guacamole, thanks to Pinterest. It's perfect for Olympic watch parties for the rest of the summer or a great dip to bring to football tailgates in the fall. With just a few ingredients and a food processor, you can whip up a big bowl of delicious creamy avocado yogurt dip.

First, make sure you have ripe avocados; the softer, the better. Place 1/2 cup of fat free, plain yogurt in the food processor, followed by the two ripe avocados. Cut the avocados into quarters because it's easier to peel the skin off the avocado flesh.

Next, mince one clove of garlic to add to the food processor. You need to mince the garlic first, or the avocado dip will have chunks of garlic. If you'd rather use your food processor to mince the garlic, you can do that, too.

After you add the garlic, add three tablespoons of fresh cilantro and one tablespoon of finely chopped and seeded jalapeño pepper. If you're sensitive to the heat of a jalapeño pepper, run water down the sink while you scrape the seeds out of the pepper. The water helps run the seeds quickly down the sink and will take away the intense smell. Be careful not to wipe your face or eyes after you remove the seeds of the pepper, so wash your hands very well once you put the jalapeño in the food processor.

Finally, add two tablespoons of fresh lime juice, 1/4 teaspoon of ground cumin and season with salt and pepper to taste.

I pulsed the dip in the food processor before adding the salt and pepper and felt like the dip needed more lime juice and cumin, so I ended up using all of the juice from the lime and approximately two teaspoons of ground cumin.

This dip is perfect with pita chips, tortilla chips, vegetables or even as a spread on a sandwich. It's creamy, scrumptious and addicting.

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