What's Cooking on Pinterest? Fat-Burning Chickpea Muffins

When I came across this recipe on Pinterest for chickpea muffins that apparently have super powers to burn fat, I thought this would be a great recipe to share with everyone for the New Year. The number one resolution for each New Year is to lose weight, so why not help the cause by giving people a muffin recipe that does just that?

Dr. Oz notes in the recipe that the fiber in beans helps to reduce the amount of inflammation that causes fat to build up around the belly -- also known as a problem area.

They are kind of like a corn muffin, because of the savory aspect, but believe me, these things don't exactly taste like your mom's corn muffins.

Start by boiling one can (or two cups) of chickpeas. This will help soften the chickpeas so that you can blend them to create a dough with all of the other ingredients.

While the chickpeas boil, grate two carrots, or take a shortcut and buy shredded carrots. If you do this, then use about one cup of shredded carrots.

Once the chickpeas have finished boiling, place them in a food processor along with the grated or shredded carrots, two teaspoons of nutritional yeast (I'll explain what that is in a second), one teaspoon of olive oil, and salt and pepper to taste.

Nutritional yeast is a flavor enhancer...or whatever that means. It looks like yellow flakes and is full of protein, amino acids and B-vitamins. It looks more like fish food to me, but apparently it adds a nutritive value to almost any food, including these chickpea muffins. My first thought was that it was a yeast of some kind, like it was supposed to help the muffins rise in the oven, but obviously I guessed wrong.

As soon as the blend in the food processor becomes a dough, you're ready to fill the muffin tins, top with poppy seeds and bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes. I was quite disappointed that the recipe didn't even make enough to completely fill 12 muffin tins. In fact, it barely filled ten. That's always a sign to me that the recipe is not good, if it doesn't even make enough batter or dough to fill all the servings.

The muffins did not come out of the oven as I had expected them to. In fact, they looked just as they did when I put them into the muffin tins before baking. If you want a mushy soft "muffin," then you're in luck. But, I'll pass on these all-powerful fat-burning muffins and just go running and eat a bit healthier if I want to blast some belly fat.

However, I guess the best way these muffins work is that you take one bite and you lose your appetite. Eating less helps you lose weight, after all.

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