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What's Cooking on Pinterest? Homemade Pop-Tarts

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Who doesn't love a Pop-Tart? Even as college students, my roommates and I have Pop-Tarts in our kitchen at all times; it's a childhood classic that'll always stand the test of time.

Last week on Pinterest, I made cupcakes with Earl Grey tea for a sophisticated treat, but this week, I stumbled upon a super-easy recipe to make homemade Pop-Tarts and decided that I would revisit my childhood by making them.

You can make these Pop-Tarts in less than 30 minutes. Make them for your kids for a fun twist on a breakfast treat, or if you're like me and love to eat kid food, make them for yourself. They're sweet, delicious and simple to make.

All you need for the Pop-Tarts is pre-made pie dough, your favorite jelly/jam/preserves, milk, powdered sugar and sparkling sugar.

Preheat the oven to 425 degrees, then unravel the pie dough and slice off the rounded edges to make a square. Cut the square in half, then slice three same-size rectangles out of each half (top and bottom).

Next, place a teaspoon of jam/jelly/preserves into the middle of the three rectangles in the top half. I used a strawberry jam because my favorite Pop-Tarts are the strawberry ones. Of course, if you like chocolate, you could possibly put a piece of chocolate, chocolate chips or chocolate syrup in the middle... Nutella would be delicious as well; just sayin'.

After you fill the top half with the jam, place the bottom half rectangles on top and seal the edges shut. Use a fork to crimp the sides of the pastries in order to seal the edges even more and to make a pretty design.

Now you're ready to bake. Stick the Pop-Tarts into the preheated 425 degree oven for seven to eight minutes (I left mine in for about nine because they weren't as golden as I wanted them to be).

Pull the Pop-Tarts out of the oven and let them cool while you prepare the glaze to go on top. Combine a cup of powdered sugar and a little bit of milk to make it like a syrup. I used a fork to let the glaze drip onto each Pop-Tart; you just need a little bit to perfectly cover the tops of each Pop-Tart.

Finally, sprinkle the sparkling sugar on top (it looks just like the sprinkles on store-bought Pop-Tarts), and voilà, you have homemade Pop-Tarts.

Stick them in the microwave for a few seconds if you are eating them at a later time, but they are wonderful slightly warm out of the oven.

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