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What's the Deal With Upper Kirby?

Nearly every evening I run up and down Kirby Drive, taking in the sights (elderly couples ambling into Carrabba's; valets standing around bored in West Ave), the sounds (car horns honking as drivers make abrupt right turns into the Whole Foods parking lot) and the smells (garlic, fry oil, diesel fuel). It's a strange little strip of road between Richmond and Westheimer, but it's what I've come to call home in the 11 months I've been living in Houston. It's changed a lot since I first moved in, primarily thanks to a handful of exciting new restaurants that have opened there recently.

But in the last week, six Kirby businesses have decided to shutter for good, and there's been talk for months that a few struggling West Ave restaurants aren't far behind. What's up with the rapid evolution of my 'hood?

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Kaitlin Steinberg