When in Rome...

Our recent excursion to San Antonio inevitably ended with us having Mexican food, and our choice was Tito's (955 S Alamo St). A family-owned San Antonio institution located in historic King William, Tito's has been in the same family's hands for three generations. A recent remodel of the establishment covered the open-ended kitchen but left the men's room in the back. It's quite an interesting trek to the baño.

The food was classic Mexican, with Tito's family spin on most of the popular items. Cilantro cream, jalapeño, and chipotle enchiladas were all highlighted as institutional favorites, and our carne guisada and lengua dinner plates were great. The carne guisada was thicker than our usual Houston fare and quite inviting. The boiled cow tongue accompanied roasted tomatoes, rice and refried beans. Tito's also offers puffy tacos that we will be trying next time we visit San Antonio.

The salsa at the place really stood out. Incredibly hot, herbal and complicated, this appetizer made us drool. We later found out the heat index on the salsa depends on how "angry" Mrs. Tito is that day. Must have been some heat in the kitchen! Tito's is located just south of the Riverwalk and doesn't get much tourist traffic.

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