Pot Luck

Where Are We Eating?

I had never heard of a "lobstree" prior to eating at this new restaurant last week. What is a lobstree? I'm convinced it's a made-up word, as a Google search reveals nothing in the world called a "lobstree," and my dining companion -- a longtime food writer and current editor -- had never heard of it either. Asking our waiter revealed that a "lobstree" is a cross between a lobster and a prawn, but I didn't believe him. Especially when the plate arrived bearing a giant prawn, not anything remotely resembling a lobster.

Regardless, that's the "lobstree" in question back there, behind some house-made chorizo (quite good) and crispy fried strips of grouper. Look familiar?

Leave your best guess below.

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Katharine Shilcutt