Where the Kids Hang

Chicago's Pizza was our choice one night for some deep-dish madness. The location we tried was closed, and the sign mentioned the two Chicago's restaurants had been consolidated. Both menus were on offer at the 1777 Airline Drive location. We arrived and noticed it felt very snug -- most of the tables and chairs had been brought in from the other restaurant as well. We ordered the supreme deep-dish pizza, and the waitress advised us of the baked-fresh 25 minute wait. No worries.

Looking around, we noticed that this is a place where the kids come to eat. Our pizza came out on time, and we never mind the wait when something is made fresh. The toppings were standard, and the cheese was underwhelming, but damn, this pizza was satisfying. We discussed what made this pizza so desirable and came to the conclusion that the crust tasted great fresh out of the oven, and the sauce was generous but not overdone.

A medium pizza could feed a family of eight -- for $18 bucks, it was hefty. We ordered some appetizers -- mozzarella sticks and jalapeño poppers -- and they were obviously frozen, packaged nonsense. But they seemed to be a hit with the crowd.

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