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Where to Find the 5 Best Burgers in Houston's East End

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Houston's historic East End end is colorful, vibrant and eclectic. When it comes to food, taquerias dominate the landscape, but there are these hidden gems: burger joints.  The area's exuberance is directly reflected in them, and they're sure to satisfy anyone who drops in for a bite. Here is where to find the five best burgers in Houston's East End.

5. Suko's Burger House, 93 Lockwood 

Starting the list is Suko's Burger House. It's your go-to if you want bang for the buck or the funds are just low. The meal deal is the best of all: burger and fries for $3.99. Perfectly toasted buns, small, lean patties and fresh additions come together to form the ideal combo. Something to note: Suko's has seafood. Try not to be too surprised when you're hit in the face with that fishy smell. It's not so bad most days. You're welcome.

4. Harrisburg Country Club, 3618 Harrisburg 

"May wifes & girl friends never meet," that's what the sign above the counter says. Harrisburg Country Club does not require a membership for entrance. It's an icehouse with a little something for everyone: a jukebox, assorted nonalcoholic beverages, darts, pool, cheap beers and, of course, burgers. The menu options have perfect portions and the tastes are great. A small kitchen tucked away behind a screen door serves up simple, easy, old-fashioned hamburgers with savory ingredients. On top of that, the patrons and staff are nice, friendly folks.

3. MnM Burger, 210 North Wayside Drive

MnM Burger has been serving the neighborhood since 1975. It has the most elaborate burger combinations of all, from the classics to the crazy. Those worth mentioning are the Fish Burger, the Chicken Burger, the Angus Egg Burger, the Avocado Burger, the Bacon Avocado Burger, the Ham and Avocado Burger, the Sausage Burger, the Steak Fried Burger, the Double Combination Beef and the Chicken Burger. All of them are stacked with hearty meats and dressed properly to bring out great flavor in the finely packaged burgers. Don't plan on engaging in much activity after consuming them.

2. Moon Tower Inn, 3004 Canal Street

"A sunny place for shady people." An awesome, eclectic and unpretentious crowd frequents Moon Tower Inn to partake in the goodness it has to offer. One can indulge in a huge wall of taps and enjoy ample outdoor space while munching on delightful menu items, especially the burgers. With regards to the latter, you have options far beyond the classic, homestyle burger. Two in particular are most favored and need to be discussed in detail: the Cheech and the Chong. The special ingredients are as follows: Cheech — chèvre, poblano, thick bacon and sambal mayo; Chong — sunny-side egg, thick bacon, creole mustard, housemade b'n'b pickles and chedda'. Together, Cheech and Chong will quickly rid you of those munchies.

1. Champ Burger, 304 Sampson Street

The name fits. This old-school burger shack has been serving guests from all around, along with a loyal clientele, since 1963. It's tough to beat the classics, especially when they're delivered with fast, friendly service and consistent, A grade quality. Each burger from this establishment is pieced together via a process that has been perfected for some time. When it comes to burgers in Houston's East End, Champ Burger reigns supreme.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.