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Last time we wrote about crawfish here on the blog, we had mixed emotions.

On one hand, we were exited to welcome mudbugs back to our plates and bellies for the season after an unusually cold winter. On the other, we were somewhat flabbergasted by the prices and the short supply of our favorite springtime indulgence. Due to the chilly weather that kept the crawfish from growing big and strong (and juicy), many local restaurants were selling them for higher-than-usual prices and were running out at an alarming rate.

Following various restaurant Facebook pages is a good way to find out if a certain spot is out for the day, but who has time to call and shop around for the best deals?

Actually, we do. And we realize that this list isn't exhaustive, but it represents a good cross-section of all the city has to offer, from Vietnamese to Cajun and hole-in-the-wall to fancy-schmancy.

Here's the rundown on some of your favorite crawfish spots, now that the costs are smaller and the bugs are bigger.

Bayou City Seafood & Pasta Every week day, Bayou City has crawfish on special from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. If you're dining in, you can get crawfish for $6.99 per pound. Otherwise, it's $7.99 per pound. This is a traditional spicy Cajun boil, and the mudbugs are pretty darn big.

BB's Cafe For $7.95, you can get a pound of crawfish as well as one serving of corn and one potato at all BB's locations. BB's isn't running out of crawfish anymore (some of the locations were earlier in the season), and a person I spoke to expects that the prices will continue to drop into the summer, even though crawfish season officially ends June 1 with the start of hurricane season.

Blue Water Seafood The mudbugs at Blue Water Seafood are currently $6.99 per pound and come with corn and potatoes. A representative tells me that they rarely run out of boiled crawfish, but they also sell it live by the bag, and sometimes they run out of that. Right now, the critters are on special: Buy four pounds and get the fifth pound free.

Boheme Cafe and Wine Bar Boheme might not be the first place you think of when you crave crawfish, but the bar and restaurant has the best prices in town. Sous chef Jordan Economy cooks up Cajun-style mudbugs for $5.99 for one pound or $17.97 for three pounds. The boil includes crawfish, corn, potatoes, and andouille sausage, but it's only happening on Saturdays. Check the restaurant's Facebook page to make sure it's still scheduled when you make your weekend plans.

The Cajun Stop At The Cajun Stop, my favorite dish is the étouffée, but the crawfish boils are pretty darn good too. For $7.50, you can get one pound of bugs with potatoes and corn. Bags of live crawfish are sold separately, and the price changes frequently, so call ahead to get exact numbers.

Calliope's New Orleans Style Seafood & Po-boys Right now, get one pound of crawfish with potatoes for $6.99 at Calliope's. They're big and spicy, and unlike many other places, the potatoes are included in the price!

Cedar Creek Cedar Creek serves crawfish on Thursdays and Fridays starting at 4 p.m., Saturdays at 2 p.m. and Sundays at noon for $8 per pound. Go enjoy the lovely outdoor patio as you pinch the tails and suck the heads. The boils come with corn and potatoes, but a representative for Cedar Creek cautions that they do run out sometimes, so get there early.

Crawfish & Noodles The Vietnamese crawfish joint cooks its mudbugs up in the traditional garlic butter sauce, and is currently serving them for $8.99 a pound. Diners get one serving of corn and one potato with every four pounds purchased.

Crawfish Shack The Crawfish Shack in Crosby is BYOB, and the crawfish are only 6.95 per pound, making it a hot spot for dining on the seasonal fare. The boil contains mushrooms, potatoes and corn, and sometimes the critters go on special, so check the Facebook page for news of lower prices. The Crawfish Shack also sells live crawfish for $3.25 per pound by the large sackful, but you must call and reserve a sack ahead of time.

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Daily Seafood When I called to check the prices at Daily Seafood, the man who answered the phone said enthusiastically, "We got big ones in today!" Get 'em now for $6.99 per pound boiled with corn and potatoes or $4.99 per pound live.

Danton's Gulf Coast Seafood Kitchen I spoke with chef Danton Nix of Danton's, and he assured me that though the crawfish aren't as big as he's seen them in the past, they are "beautiful, and the flavor's great." Right now, Danton's has boiled crawfish for $6.99 per pound. "We've got one of the best suppliers in Louisiana, and we only do them in the heart of the season," Nix says. "I'm eating them every day."

Guidry's After a few people complained that Guidry's wasn't on the last crawfish round-up, I made sure to include them this time. Guidry's is serving mudbugs for $6.99 per pound, but potatoes are $0.50 each, and corn is $0.75 per piece. You can can also buy 30-to-40 pound sacks of live crawfish at Guidry's for $3 per pound.

Hank's Cajun Crawfish (Chinatown and North Houston locations) There are four Hank's locations in Houston, but two are affiliated with one "Hank" and the other two are affiliated with a different "Hank." The locations in Chinatown and North Houston currently have crawfish on sale for $6.99 a pound, and you can order corn, potatoes and sausage on the side.

Not to be confused with...

Hank's Cajun Crawfish (Westchase and Katy locations) The other Hank's is selling crawfish for $7.99 a pound with a two pound minimum required. For an extra $2.75, you can order one potato, one piece of corn and one sausage.

Jenivi's Seafood Shoppe & Restaurant Jenivi's often writes on Facebook that it has run out of "seafood." Not just crawfish. Everything. So get there early for $7.99 per pound mudbugs with potatoes and corn.

LA Crawfish All LA Crawfish locations are currently offering crawfish for $6.99 per pound. These are Vietnamese-style with lots of garlic and butter. Bring a bib!

Ragin Cajun All Ragin Cajun locations are selling crawfish for $24.99 for a 3.5-pound bucket or $12.99 for a 1.75-pound bucket. As always, Ragin Cajun's boils include corn and potatoes.

Wild Cajun More Vietnamese-style critters! Though garlic and butter is the classic topping at Wild Cajun, the shop also offers Cajun style. Either flavor is $6.99 per pound, but the small joint does run out from time to time, so call ahead.

Woodrow's Heights The former Mardi Gras Grill has the second-best prices in town. Right now, get your crawfish for $6.25 per pound or five pounds for $28. Corn and potatoes are sold separately. For $2.50, you get three pieces each of corn and potatoes.

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