Where to Get Your Fix on National Guacamole Day

We understand that there are a lot of silly national food holidays; indeed, there is something food-related to celebrate just about every single day of the year. But if there is one you should take seriously, it's National Guacamole Day, and that day is today.

Houston is blessed with an overabundance of Tex-Mex and Mexican restaurants, and to make your decisions easier we've compiled a list of some of the best places in which to satisfy that guacamole fix.


At this Tex-Mex Cordúa restaurant the waiters make the guacamole at your table, and they make it the way you want them to; tell your waiter how much cilantro, lime, chile, cumin and salt you prefer and enjoy the show. (You must order it as an appetizer if you want it made tableside, however.)

Bonus: Check out the guacumami at another Cordúa restaurant, Amazon Grill. It's a little different from the usual guacamole; it's made with roasted garlic, sundried tomatoes, Parmesan and toasted pepitas. Adventurous eaters should give it a shot.

Radical Eats

Pair this organic guacamole with house-made chips for an excellent after-work snack. Radical Eats makes this starter with the most basic ingredients but nails it every time. Fresh pico de gallo with sea salt and lime juice are tossed with fresh, smooth avocado chunks to make a creamy, well-balanced guacamole.

Sierra Madre Taco Co.

Food blogger Phaedra Cook mentions in her post about the top ten restaurants in Cypress that Sierra Madre Taco Co. is a hole-in-the-wall taqueria on Louetta that serves excellent Tex-Mex dishes. The guacamole served alongside most dishes is a perfect blend of chunky and smooth guacamole, with cubes of avocado nestled in puréed avocado. It's got just the right amount of lime and tomato as well.


For something extra special, head to Hugo's for authentic Mexican guacamole. Not only can you order a side of this smooth, perfectly seasoned guacamole to eat with chips, but many entrées include guacamole, like the tortitas de lentejas (lentil cakes topped with guacamole and rajas con crema) and the taquitos de pollo (fried tacos stuffed with chicken and served with guacamole, salsa verde and crema fresca).

El Tiempo Cantina

One bite of this guacamole and you're hooked. The avocado is fresh and smooth, and the extra ingredients balance nicely with one another. The chunks of avocado with bits of finely diced tomatoes, onions, spicy jalapeño and garlic, plus a splash of lemon juice, make the perfect bite when scooped onto one of El Tiempo's hot, salty chips.


Irma's makes sure her guacamole stands out from all the rest. Chunks of avocado give the dish authentic texture and are enhanced by pronounced pieces of chopped garlic, fresh cilantro and tiny pieces of finely chopped jalapeño peppers. Sit down with a frozen margarita or fresh lemonade, and some chips, to enjoy Irma's creation.

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Molly Dunn
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