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South Houston is home to one of the most culturally diverse neighborhoods in Houston, Sagemont. There is a dense population of Vietnamese in this area, and as a result, a fantastic selection of great Asian food. T@pioca is a little Vietnamese banh mi, yogurt, and bubble tea dive on Fuqua and Sabo that's a good example of a quality small business. The bubble tea drinks are great -- we ordered jasmine milk tea and coffee milk tea with half sugar (they will know).

We also ended up trying T@pioca's newest addition, frozen yogurt. We generally despise frozen yogurt places trying to be Pinkberry because they don't match up to the famous fro-yo chain. What we enjoyed about this yogurt was that it didn't try to be a copy. It tasted similar to Sugus, the Swiss chewy yogurt candy. Very smooth in texture and rich in flavor, this yogurt really got us thinking that fro-yo can be done better.

T@pioca was in the Sagemont community under another name, Boba-T-Licious (yes, it is a little funny), for several years and recently expanded and changed names. The last place had the same great fare but was a little rundown. First lured here by the bubble tea, and now by banh mi and yogurt as well, we're excited this place is doing things right.

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