Which Houston Restaurants Are Dog-Friendly? BlackFinn Is Just One

So, I'm not the hugest fan of BlackFinn American Grille. I think that's pretty evident from this week's cafe review, in which I found a few things to enjoy about the place -- giant mug of chocolate cake here, pretty good service there -- but not enough to outweigh the general seething mediocrity of the North Carolina-based chain.

One of those high points, however, is that BlackFinn is one of the few restaurants in Houston that allow dogs on their patios. And for this reason alone, I'd recommend BlackFinn as a happy-hour destination if you happen to be a dog owner and live/work in Midtown. (Also, all bottles of wine are half-price on Wednesdays. Get some.)

Ever since Ziggy's was the first restaurant in the city to receive its Paws On Patios permit last year, the number of restaurants that legally allow dogs has grown -- but not by much. To date, there are fewer than 20 restaurants -- out of an estimated 8,000 in Houston -- that allow dogs.

Those restaurants are:

Don't see your favorite restaurant listed? That's because the City of Houston will fine a restaurant that has dogs without having a Paws On Patios permit. (We've seen that happen, and it's ugly.) Encourage them to apply for a permit; it's a one-time cost of $110 for the application fee, but that's far less than a fine.

Read more about BlackFinn American Grille in this week's cafe review and see photos of the massive, 10,000-square-foot restaurant in our slideshow.

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