Food Fight

White Versus Yellow Cake

Let's talk about color. Specifically, white versus yellow, with regards to cake. I've always thought the latter to be vastly superior, but I seem to be in the minority these days. Most wedding, birthday, and cupcakes feature the former, perhaps as a foil to decadent, more complex frosting flavors? That must be it. Such a bland, saccharine concoction as white cake could only be used in service of the greater (baked) good.

I've had a devil of a time locating real yellow cake in Houston, which by all observations seems to be bent on white cake domination. Yellow cake with chocolate frosting is my particular favorite, and I've had lovely slices from The Chocolate Bar and The Dessert Gallery Bakery & Café.

It does slightly disturb me that The Dessert Gallery dubbed its version "Old-Fashioned Diner Cake," associating it with antiquated, unsophisticated cuisine. Such labels only perpetuate damaging stereotypes that discourage people from embracing the wonderful egg flavor that makes yellow cake so rich and special. There's certainly nothing inherently high-brow or advanced about white cake; indeed, its ghostly hue and lack of flavor suggest an underdeveloped quality and a lack of potential. If any cake is deserving of discrimination, it's certainly white.

I know I'm not the only who likes my cake with a sunny glow. Where else in Houston do they do it well?

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Joanna O'Leary