Why I'd Rather Eat Halal Food (Including Campbell's Soup)

The latest round of anti-Muslim rhetoric to spew forth from the nation's right-wing extremists has formed from the strangest combination of ingredients: Canada and Campbell's soup.

News that Americans have started a Facebook group called "Boycott Campbell Soup" [sic] -- which has nearly 3,500 members -- springs from the fact that Campbell's began offering 15 of its products as Canada, not America...months ago. The Facebook page seems to have been inspired by think-pieces from the extreme right with purposefully incendiary headlines like "Sound the Sharia Alarm! Campbell's Makes Halal Soups!" and "Campbell's Soup Goes Halal to Appease Terrorist-Funded Group."

Samples from the Facebook group's wall include such thoughtful gems as:

The last word found in the black box of those 9/11 planes is "Allahu Akbar" and you muzzies also use this shit word during slaughting animals to make it halal. So, we if we take halal meat that means we dishonor the martyrs of 9/11.

This is just another way that terrorism and it's sponsors are insinuating themselves into our culture, Terrorists are NOT freedom fighters they are murderous thugs and I will not pay money for soup or any other product that supports, aids or abetts their tactics. Hope someone puts a list out of all of Campbell's affiliates.

These, and many other comments, indicate that there seems to be a lot of misunderstanding around halal practices in general and Campbell's decision to offer halal-certified soups in -- once again -- Canada, not the United States.

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Katharine Shilcutt