Wine Classes in Houston This Fall, Foreign and Domestic

If there were two lessons to be drawn from the current wave of wine connoisseurship in our country, they would be the following:

1. Wine is the new golf. 2. Every wine tasting is a singles event in disguise.

There are a couple of cool wine-tasting series coming up in Houston, one foreign, the other domestic.

On the homefront, Houston wine legend and full-blooded Texan cowboy Bear Dalton will be leading a five-part lecture entitled "Tasting and Enjoying Wine" at Rice University's Glasscock School of Continuing Studies. The course will include wines from California, Texas, Oregon, Washington, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina and Chile. Click here for more information and registration.

And just in case you want to learn more about European wine, Diego Meraviglia -- certified Italian Sommelier Association instructor and speed-metal drummer (noted for his contribution to Polish metal outfit Hexfire's 2011 album The Fire of Redemption) -- will be leading four six-hour "Italian Wine Specialist" seminars at the Texas Wine School.

The seminars will be followed by an exam "required to achieve the certificate, issued by the North American Sommelier Association and recognized internationally by the Worldwide Sommelier Association." Click here for more information and registration.

The classes are pricey, $295 and $650 respectively, but they offer you a chance to interact with leading U.S. wine educators and -- most importantly -- an opportunity to meet other wine lovers. Sure beats golf, if you ask me.

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