Wine of the Week: A Mano Chianti

There are some things you can't pass up. Half price sales, a good pair of leather boots, Girl Scout cookies, free beer and a random shopping basket full of wine marked down to $2.99.

With little to no expectations from A Mano Chianti, from the second the cork emerged from the glory hole, I was expecting a mouthful of rancid, vinegary wine. How could I be such a presumptuous fool? Once again, in its awesome irony, the universe pleasantly surprised me as I drank a decent wine that was cheaper than Boone's Farm, ya'll.

The first sip was like liquid velvet, and no, I didn't steal that from the title of a porno. Smooth, silky and lush, with flavors of chocolate, tobacco and blackberry, it finishes with just enough acid to keep the palate fresh and ready for the next sip. Light but lingering, the aftertaste is almost smoky without being too heavy, or leaving that distinctive red wine-film on your tongue. It's a glass full of contradictions: light but rich, tangy but deep, cheap but good.

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