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Wine of the Week: Bastianich 2008 Rosato Refosco

Maybe it was the atmosphere, perhaps it was the good company, and maybe it even had a little something to do with the fact that I was on vacation - no husband, no kiddo, no worries - but I had a glass of what could be a contender for one of the best wines I've ever tasted.

To set the scene, and give you the full disclosure of my bias, I was in New York City for only the second time in my entire life and packed into the center of Eataly - a 50,000-square-foot Italian market reminiscent of Italy itself - with two of my best friends, munching on a platter of prosciutto, salami and several cheeses, and of course, drinking a glass of wine.

I chose this rosé mainly due to price and the fact that I wasn't really in the mood for a white or a red - so I compromised. I also thought it would complement the lighter cured meats and cheeses better than just a white or red, and at least for my own personal preferences, I was right.

The wine was, of course, lighter than a red and much more effervescent - taking on a quality that reminded me of the Portuguese green wine that I love to drink in the summer. Aside from the light, airy and almost bubbly mouthfeel, the contrast of the depth of flavors was an interesting twist. Full of cherries, berries and a heavily caramel-tinted finish, it was a conundrum of flavors and acidity that could only be possessed by a rosé. It was intensely satisfying while still remaining as light-footed on the palate as a wood nymph in the forest.

Unfortunately, I haven't had any luck finding a bottle for sale in Houston or via the internet. If you know where to find it in town or online, please let me know in the comments.

While I can't recreate the surrounding atmosphere, I wouldn't mind stowing a bottle or two away for future consumption to relive that near-perfect moment of food, wine and friend nirvana I experienced in a place that now seems so far away. Also, the wine is pretty fantastic on its own, and that's never a bad excuse to break out a bottle and take a sip.

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Amber Ambrose