Wine of the Week: Borgo SanLeo Brut Prosecco

Sometimes our champagne budgets are a little tight. So when we're feeling thrifty, we opt for prosecco instead. One of our favorites is the Borgo SanLeo Brut Prosecco from Italy.

Prosecco is made from the prosecco grapes in Italy. It does have the same sparkling quality as champagne. However, it is produced through a different method. The result is a fruitier wine without the toasty flavor of champagne. Think of it as the strappy sandal of wine versus the champagne stiletto.

This Italian strappy sandal, the Borgo SanLeo, is dry and light with a refreshing lemony flavor. It's not the best prosecco in the world, but it's a perfect sparkling wine for a Saturday afternoon. We've been known to use it instead of champagne in mimosas, bellinis, and even with just a splash of St. Germain. And, at only $10, we can splurge for a few extra bottles.

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