Wine of the Week: Clos du Bois 2008 North Coast Pinot Noir

Receiving this sample was like opening a long-awaited Christmas present. As a huge fan of the always-delicious Clos du Bois Chardonnay (especially when paired with fresh guacamole), I was anxious to taste the highly lauded Pinot Noir varietal from the Clos du Bois winemakers.

The wine is thin with no legs, an unassuming violet hue and very transparent under the light. The mouthfeel follows suit with a light, silky feel on the palate and lower alcohol level, leaving you without that strong, warm burn on the way down until you've reached the halfway mark of the glass. The nose is nutty with fruit jam up front finished with a bit of earthiness.

The wine itself is very refined, with woodsy flavors and just the slightest touch of cocoa and raspberry jam, making for a perfectly balanced combination of whimsical elegance. It's perfect sipping for the start of this unusually pleasant start to autumn here in Houston, with an earthy overtone and silky texture.

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