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Wine of the Week: Clos du Bois 2009 California Riesling

Part of the Clos du Bois Spring Collection 2011, this aromatic Riesling reminds us of Tinkerbell. The wine and the fairy are both tart and sweet; they're light on their feet; and they share a "green" factor - the wine has a slight green tint and comes in a cute lime-green box, and it even has a spring-like color scheme to its marketing materials.

With lots of peach on the nose, it flitters around the tongue, not unlike a pair of tiny wings, switching from an initial rush of acidity that sends citrus flavor over the palate to a subtle sweetness, with lots of apple and peach and a clean finish of slate and minerals.

It would classify as "fruit-forward" in wine-speak, with plenty of discernable California orchard flavors packed into every sip. I highly recommend this spritely Riesling. With 18,000 cases produced and a price tag of around $12, it shouldn't be hard to find.

Pair it with a banh mi or any Vietnamese noodle dish as well, as pad Thai, grilled fish or baked tofu. The winery recommends the Riseling with spicy Indian or Chinese food, but I think some of the intensity of those flavors could overwhelm the subtleties that make it so enjoyable, perfect for spring, and as lovable as Tinkerbell herself.

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Amber Ambrose