Wine of the Week: Cupcake Prosecco

While the cupcake may be one of the most persistent and overdone baking trends of the last few years, people jaded by the tiny confection should be open-minded toward the brand of wines sharing the same name.

Last week, I sampled the Biltmore Sparkling Blanc de Blancs with pleasing results, and while this Cupcake Prosecco sample was very different, the results were equally, if not more, pleasing.

This prosecco is more suited for my sparkling wine tastes, being in the perfect middle between bone-chillingly dry and teeth-rottingly sweet, so a tiny bit sweet and just dry enough to keep it from overpowering your palate with sugar. It's fruity, with aromas and tastes of peaches, golden delicious apples and just the slightest bit of mineral finish to keep your mouth watering for the next sip.

It's one that should be savored by itself. No orange or cranberry juice should be mixed in here to mask the subtle floral, fruit and mineral flavors that you catch with each bubble popping gently on your tongue. Save this for the midnight toast, and choose another to make your mimosas the next morning.

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