Wine Time

Wine of the Week: Discount Wines

Here at Eating Our Words, we drink a lot of wine. Probably too much, to be honest, but who's watching? Unfortunately, it can take a toll on our wallets. So, until we win the lottery or find an aging billionaire to support us, we will keep buying our discount deliciousness.

This week's wine of the week is taking a different spin. Instead of interviewing a wine expert about her favorite wines, we are going to tell you about some of our discount favorites. We're not experts, but we do love wine.

One inexpensive white wine we like is the Crios Torrontes. At $13 a bottle, you can drink it every night of the week. As our friend Jeremy at Spec's explains, "It's refreshing and crisp, but it's also great with fish." He adds that the entire Crios label has great wine. Jeremy has been in the wine industry for 11 years, so he knows what he's talking about.

But if red is more your style, we like the El Retiro Reserva Tempranillo. Don't let the reserve label fool you. This Argentinean wine will only set you back $12. But it sure doesn't taste like a $12 wine. The jammy fruit flavor goes down so smoothly, you won't want to stop until the bottle is empty.

We are always looking for good deals, so let us know your favorite inexpensive wines. And, let's be a little creative please - no Franzia or Turning Leaf. Do we sense a top 5 discount wines coming soon?

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Jane Catherine Collins