Wine of the Week: Frontera Cabernet Sauvignon/Merlot Blend 2009

In honor of the previously-trapped miners in Chile, I found this cheap magnum of Chilean wine. It seemed the appropriate wine to toast their newfound freedom. Unlike the massive rescue efforts, this wine wasn't incredibly complex. But like the Chilean miners, it had plenty of surprising characteristics to keep things interesting (although not a mistress/wife love triangle).

The transparent garnet wine is thin in appearance with nutty, earthy and vanilla aromas. Straight out of the bottle, the wine is nonchalant, with flavors of raspberry, cherry, caramel, cinnamon and a touch of smokiness. The longer the wine aerates, the more depth it develops, enhancing the acidity and opening up the tannins on the finish. It's much better after breathing a few minutes in the glass.

It's a lot of wine for a very reasonable price, perfect for pleasing a wide array of palates for a decent price. It'd be great used in other applications like spiced wine for the colder evenings or spruced up in a sangria for the summer. Either way, it's a great bargain discovery.

Cheers to you Chilean miners!

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