Wine of the Week: Lindemans Bin 50 Shiraz (2008)

So what's the best way to obsess over Lois, Houston's resident corpse flower? Why, snuggle up to the live webcam on the Houston Museum of Natural Science's site and grab a bottle of wine.

The Lindemans Bin 50 Shiraz is just the wine to curl up with in front of a glowing monitor (or television screen, for that matter) and sip away to your heart's content. With the pace it's taking lovely Lois to unfurl her Elizabethan collar, we had plenty of time to analyze the drinkability and smoothness - perhaps too much time.

The nose has plenty of alcohol, to let you know that it means business, despite its under-$10 price tag. It's got a simple, bright flavor despite being a substantial red -- a wine drinkable in any season. Strong notes of oak and cherries are up front and unapologetic, with a pleasant, not cotton mouth-y dry finish.

As our favorite news anchor Ron Burgundy might say, "it stings the nostrils" at first sip with the heavy alcohol, sending that lovely and familiar warm, fuzzy feeling all the way to your toes. Another bargain buy to add to the "must try" list.

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