Wine of the Week: Navarro Correas Coleccion Privada Malbec

I like the tango, I love chimichurri, and beef is my buddy, so it's only natural that a Malbec from Argentina is also high on my favorites list. It's no secret that I've never met a Malbec that I didn't like, and this gift from a friend is no exception. The Navarro Correas is nicely balanced, providing enough depth to keep things spicy on the palate and leaving enough money in your wallet to buy another bottle.

The initial bouquet is warm with fruit and a hint of smokiness. The flavors follow suit with strong notes of raspberry jam, smoke (as in hickory - not cigarette), black peppercorns and cinnamon. Spicy and as lush as the tango itself, this wine is assertive and full-bodied with a nice mouthfeel (no - that's not what she said). The tannins are refined and linger long after the sip is over, leaving you a reminder that you are drinking a bold, red wine and not a wimpy white zinfandel.

Malbecs vary in intensity, and this one is on the higher end of the scale. If it sounds a little too heavy for the blazing heat of August, just cellar it -- or put it in your cheap wine rack like I do -- and bring it out again in a few months for a nice and cozy winter evening.

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