Wine of the Week: The Show 2007 Cabernet Sauvignon

I'm a sucker for catchy advertising jingles and funky wine labels. With that knowledge in hand, you probably don't need to guess the reasoning behind this week's selection.

The Show is made by a group of self-proclaimed wine rebels labeled The Three Thieves. Unlike most wine makers, these guys take grapes from all over to create blended wines instead of harvesting their own grapes at their own winery. This particular blend is Cabernet Sauvignon with a mix of Petite Sirah, a varietal we swooned over last week.

The rich, deep color of the wine holds the most complexity of any of its elements, with little to no legs present. It's light in alcohol content, and therefore a quickly quaffable blend, appropriate for a Tuesday evening pre-dinner wind down. With notes of cherry, blueberry and a tiny hint of chocolate, it's perfectly pleasant for a mindless sipping session -- like the Twilight series of the wine world (minus the annoying overly emotional ramblings of teenage/vampiric angst). While it wasn't a bad deal at less than $12 a bottle, it certainly wasn't The Show stopper I'd hoped for, despite the beautifully designed label.

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