Wingtoberfest Is Back, But First We Need Your Help!

For the past two years, Eating Our Words' Wingtoberfest has been a beloved tradition in which we gather together and stuff ourselves silly with wings and craft beer in honor of...in honor of...OK, it doesn't need to honor anything. Wings are delicious, and beer is delicious, and that's why we do it!

In October (at a date to be determined soon), we'll throw a big shindig at a local bar or restaurant and invite four of our favorite wing purveyors to put their best drumstick forward and compete for the title of Wingtoberfest Champion. We'll pair their wings with local craft beer, and you get to eat and drink to your little heart's content. Then you get to determine who wins. No "celebrity foodie judges" or local TV personalities. The crowd picks the winner.

I (your loyal and intrepid restaurant critic) am still somewhat new to town, and as such, I have yet to discover all of the amazing places throughout Houston to find the hottest, spiciest, sauciest wings. That's where you come in.

I want to know who to invite to this wing challenge of challenges. Where do you go for the best wings in town? Which restaurant out there is doing something crazy with wings that we've never seen before? Who makes the spiciest, the dirtiest, the downright badassest wings in Houston?

I want to know.

So leave a comment and tell me who you think should compete at this years' Wingtoberfest. Remember, only four teams get to compete, so be selective.

And while you're at it, let us know if there's anything else you'd like to see at Wingtoberfest. Last year's was a huge success in spite of the monsoon that came down that evening, but we have a feeling we can make this year's festival even better.

Take me under your wings, dear friends, and show me which wings are the most wondrous wings so I don't have to just wing it.

Too many wing puns yet? We're just getting started.

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