World Cup: Get in the Spirit

If you couldn't care less about the World Cup, that's fine, because basically the ENTIRE REST OF THE WORLD is excited, and we'll make up for your lack of enthusiasm. But should you be looking to get into the World Cup spirit, here's a brief list of Houston restaurants where you can enjoy food associated with many of the countries that will soon be vying for soccer glory. We've also compiled a short list of bars & restaurants that are committed to screening World Cup games.

Where do you like to get your ethnic food on? Where will you be yelling "goooooaalllll!" in a drunken crowd? Leave your suggestions in the comments and gird your loins, people; there are less than 48 hours until game one.


TEAM ARGENTINA--El Gaucho Café .

TEAM BRAZIL--Our Brazilian friends swear by Emporio Brazilian Café .

TEAM FRANCE--For the full French effect, Bistro Provence, or for something a bit more casual, Café Rabelias.

TEAM GERMANY--Rudi Lechner's .

TEAM GREECE--Biba's Ones a Meal (Open 24 hours) and the ubiquitous but still delicious Niko Niko's .

TEAM HONDURAS--Mi Bella Honduras .

TEAM ITALY--Dolce Vita for seriously good pizza, Giacomo's for terrific pastas & vegetable dishes.

TEAM JAPAN--Find yourself a sushi counter with a TV to watch Japan play or try some of our favorites: Genji, Oishii, Nippon .

TEAM KOREA--Go to Seoul House for bulgogi, Tofu Village for, well, tofu, but also (ironically) Korean barbecue.

TEAM MEXICO--Too many to count, but 100% Taquito already had their screens & projectors up and running last week, and Taco Tote is also raring to go with World Cup coverage.

TEAM NIGERIA--Suya Hut makes a drive up to the airport well worth it.

TEAM PORTUGAL--Oporto offers Portuguese favorites as well as Spanish.

TEAM SPAIN--Tinto's is quickly becoming a Midtown favorite for tapas happy hour.

TEAM UNITED KINGDOM--The Black Labrador, Feast, The Red Lion, Richmond Arms .


Beavers Ice House--open at 9 a.m., serving drinks & breakfast tacos.

Firkin & Phoenix--open at 8:30 a.m.

Lucky's Pub--opening as early as 6:30 a.m. for some games.

Sawyer Park--"open for every game."

Stats Sports Bar & Grill--"open & showing ALL games."

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