Yard House: Home of the $16 Mac and Cheese and the $14.95 Surf and Turf Burger

I finally made it out to CityCentre. Since I was a little underdressed for most of the bars and restaurants out there, I opted for Yard House. The place was packed for a Monday night. In fact, there was a wait for the inside seating. My dining partner and I took a table outside, and we watched all the beautiful people milling around us as we pondered the beer list. The only beer that stuck out for me was the Breckenridge Agave Wheat Beer. I knew I was going to have a burger so I wanted something light and quaffable. I definitely enjoyed this beer, which had subtle hints of the agave in the finish.

While choosing which burgers to order, my friend and I discovered the (mac + cheese)2, a $16.45 bowl of...well, cheese, pasta, chicken, mushrooms and -- oh, yeah --truffle oil. That must be what makes it $16. Last I checked, all those ingredients, except for the truffle oil (which costs about $2 an ounce), are pretty cheap. I had to get it just to see what $16 mac and cheese tastes like.

Along with that, we ordered the surf and turf burger, a cheeseburger with lobster, asparagus and hollandaise on it for $14.95 (lobster and asparagus, cheaper than mac and cheese?). Why would anybody order this ill-conceived burger? Because like the mac and cheese for $16, we just had to know what a surf and turf burger tasted like.

The mac was okay. I mean that is the problem with ordering dishes that are trying to be built up and expensive. The eater's expectations are too high. It was chicken and pasta; occasionally you would get a little truffle aroma. But it was really worth about $6.95.

The surf and turf burger was interesting. I like the lobster and the hollandaise, because I like lobster and hollandaise, but really I am in the school of thought that you fracture the integrity of a burger with too many ingredients. As eaters, we should have stopped with putting bacon on a burger.

Overall, I think the food here is overpriced. They didn't have that many beers, and for a place called the Yard House, there weren't nearly enough chicken necks.

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