Yasso Greek Frozen Yogurt

After recently blogging about Ben & Jerry's Greek Frozen Yogurt, a representative from Yasso contacted me to request I try their version.

Now, I can't give you an exact side-by-side review of the two products, as that's an oranges-apples comparison: B&J's offers its Greek frozen yogurt in pints, while Yasso's fro-yo comes in the form of smoothie mixes (mango pineapple, mixed berry, strawberry banana) and (strawberry, blueberry, raspberry) bars.

First, I tried a smoothie. I was heartened to see the mix contained multiple whole pieces of banana and strawberry, which, I hoped, would add some texture as well as fiber. Under normal conditions, one would use a blender to combine the mix and requisite cup of skim milk, but as I've mentioned before, my kitchen supplies are limited at the moment. So, I used a Cuisinart.

Well, the Cuisinart was fine for blending -- pouring, not so much. Oh, well. That's why ladles were invented.

But, anyway, the taste? Lovely, refreshing. Yasso frozen yogurt is definitely less sweet and more pleasantly tart than what I tasted of Ben & Jerry's. The smoothie had a good strawberry-to-banana ratio, and the real fruit pieces did much in terms of adding a "natural" flavor as well as more varied consistency. As I sipped my cup of strawberry banana, I occasionally ran into a stray chunk, but I found comfort in the unevenness. There's something ungodly in a smoothie, that's well, too smooth.

The bars are lighter in texture but equally strong in taste. My favorite flavor was raspberry for its piquant sweetness and lovely rosy hue. I also gave the bars to outside taste-testers (re: friends and neighbors whose hospitality I regularly impinge upon), and rave reviews emerged for the strawberry.

It's not exactly an either-or debate when it comes to Yasso's and Ben & Jerry's frozen yogurt, as each vendor's product functions differently (B&J's, perhaps for those nights you desire TiVo, the couch, and a tub of sweet frozen deliciousness; Yasso, for those mornings you require a healthful pick-me-up ). BUT, in terms of bang for your calories, Yasso has the edge. Eight ounces of smoothie are about 100 calories, and each bar runs around 70. So, in theory, you can have your cake and yasso too.

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Joanna O'Leary